Monday, March 3, 2008

Averting Expensive Fixes

On Friday, it became clear that the 1200 lb swinging door was below the grade of the impending concrete pour. This caused more than a little bit of stress over the weekend since there was absolutely no telling how long it would take to cut it down and haul it out before the concrete could come down (time, I shall remind you = money)

As it turned out, the 1200 lb door was nothing more than a 400 lb door and it was cut down and hauled out in less than a half hour.

Simularly, our brand new, beautiful furnace came to a coughing halt over the weekend and refused to turn back on. Instead of calling our HVAC in, which would have cost quite a pretty penny, we were able to drain the exhaust water hose that had been pinned up to a wall.

Sure the plumbing, electric, flatwork, you name it turned out to be more expensive, but it's nice to have a couple of money saving moments.

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