Monday, February 4, 2008

We Could Stop Right Now And Have A Great Looking Squat

Not satisfied to stretch out the agonizing process, Nate and Nick thwacked out the rest of the ceiling over the weekend with their fancy raised scissor lift. I was tempted to stage my own "Inconvenient Truth" moment but I feel I've put just too much rank dorkiness on this site as it is. The joists are in good shape overall, which is a relief. We found a mysterious square opening in the wine bar ceiling that had been patched closed years ago and reinforced. It might have been an old chimney opening when the space was three separate retail spaces, but I'd prefer to imagine it as a closed up firehouse pole or an old trap door for a rum running operation.

1 comment:

benefit for joey said...

good work guys, glad I wasn't there to see it in person.

It goes up faster than it comes down.
I have a dollar set aside for your first sale.